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Customer Update 7.1.22

As we enter the new year once again we are facing significant disruption within our own business and the ongoing supply chain, due to the pandemic.

For the first time in 7 years I have been forced to take time off sick myself due to testing positive for Covid-19 over New Year. Although the staff have kept the shop ticking over my unplanned absence has thrown up some issues with the day to day running of the business.

  • Stock - the majority of our suppliers were closed over the festive period returning to offices and warehouses from 4th January. The surge in Omicron has caused an excessive number of absences right accross the supply chain, from office staff to process orders, manufacturing staff to make the product, warehouse staff to pick and pack the orders for shipping and delivery drivers to get the order to the retailer. I anticipate stock shortages will be problematic for the next few weeks. As I am isolating myself this has prevented us from being able to collect stock from our local wholesaler. Hopefully this issue will be resolved early next week.

  • Local Deliveries - We have had to temporarily suspend our free local delivery service whilst I am isolating so Liam can focus on running the shop in my absence. We hope to resume Free Local Deliveries next week.

  • National Deliveries - Unfortunately we have had no option but to increase our courier delivery charges as of 1st Jan. DHL have had a 12% increase and DPD have increased their box delivery prices by over 50%. We make no profit on shipping charges and absorb some of the cost ourselves to keep prices as low as possible for our customers.

As always we thank you for your patience during these difficult times and ask that you allow at least 5-7 days to ship special orders.

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