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No Shows

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

So far in August 2020 we have had 12 dogs "no show" or cancel with just a few minutes notice📅.

This equals - £400 lost revenue and up to 30 working hours💰.

We know plans change but please let us know if you cannot attend your appointment☎️.

The impact of a no show is not just the financial loss. Its the time taken on the admin work booking the initial appointment, the time taken phoning the customer and chasing them when they dont arrive, the waiting just incase they are running late and then the wasted staff hours. Its the frustration of letting down other customers who would have gladly taken that appointment🤦🏻‍♀️.

Please contact us on 01642 433439 if you are unable to attend.

As of 1st Sept 2020 our cancellation policy will change and no shows and same day cancellation fees of £10 will payable before re-booking plus the next appointment will be charged in advance. Thank you.

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