Ancol Padded Nylon Black Collar

The Ancol padded collars use neoprene padding to act as a cushion around the neck for added strength and absolute comfort. Neoprene is a technically superior material for use as padding due to its comfort and breathability.

The padded handle on the lead is a major benefit when exercising dogs, especially if they pull!
Thousands of tiny air pockets act as a cushion in the palm of your hand,Ancol nylon is super soft and very comfortable.

Size Guide -
Size 4 = 45cm / 18" Cavalier, Pug, Westie
Size 5 = 50cm / 20" Cocker, Standard Poodle, Springer
Size 6 = 55cm / 22" Border Collie, Boxer, Dalmation
Size 7 = 60cm / 24" Bassett, Doberman, Pointer
Size 8 = 65cm / 26" German Shepherd, Great Dane, Labrador

Lead - 2.5cm x 180cm / 1" x 72"

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