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Active Ingredient: Magnesium trisilicate, calcium carbonate, active carbon. A medicated treatment to balance digestion in sensitive stomachs. Contains magnesium trisilicate, a popular antacid in human use, along with calcium carbonate and active charcoal, to calm stomachs or digestive imbalances. Contains sufficient tablets to treat a large dog for a week, and also suitable for cats.



Using the table below, give your pet the recommended number of tablets three times per day.

Kittens and puppies: 1 tablet
Adult cats: 2 tablets
Very small dogs: 2 tablets
Small dogs: 2 tablets
Medium dogs: 2 tablets
Large dogs: 4 tablets

Beaphar Stomach Calming Tablets can be given whole or crushed and mixed with butter or honey if required.

Always have fresh drinking water available.

Beaphar Stomach Calming Tablets for Dogs & Cats 30 Tablet

  • Tablets may be given whole or crushed and then mixed with butter or honey. Give the following, three times daily: Toy dogs, puppies and kittens: 1 tablet Small and medium dogs and adult cats: 2 tablets Large dogs: 4 tablets
    Warnings: Always keep fresh drinking water available.

    If diarrhoea, vomiting or stomach pain is present, a veterinary surgeon should always be consulted as soon as possible.
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