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This complementary food for cats has been developed in tandem with our complete dry food to create a system that more closely mimics their natural ancestral diet.
We use chicken breast meat without the skin for all our wet chicken foods.

Canagan Wet Cat Food Chicken with Seabass 5 x 75g

100 Grams
    Chicken (59%), Chicken broth (33%), Seabass (5%), Thickening agent (Tapioca) 3%
    Moisture 80.00%
    Crude Protein 18.00%
    Crude Fat 0.50%
    Ash 1.00%
    Crude Fibre 0.10%
    2 to 3 cans will fulfil the requirements of an average cat. Kittens, Pregnant or lactating queens may require more.

    Each cat is unique and the optimal feeding amounts vary significantly depending on factors such as age, activity, metabolism and environment. Please adjust feeding amounts accordingly.

    Always ensure there is clean drinking water available
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