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The Coachi Two-tone whistle is the perfect all-round whistle the whole family can use, ensuring your dog will always receive clear signals and commands. This whistle produces 2 distinct and clear tones, allowing you to train different commands or for training 2 dogs! Whistles are great for recall training as they help to standardise commands and are great if different people are training or walking the same dog. Super-light and compact in design, the Two-Tone Whistle can easily be slipped in a pocket or treat bag to ensure you always have it to hand. The attractive corded lanyard is fully adjustable so you can secure at the desired length and it is reflective too! The Coachi range was created by the experts at Company of Animals and it is designed to focus on promoting effective, humane and positive methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs.

Coachi Two Tone Whistle

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