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Venison 80%

Blueberry 4%

Swede 4%

Carrots 4%

Peas 2%

Spinach 1%


Pea Fibre, Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Yucca, Green Tea


Game for a new addition to the menu? Try our 80% Wild Venison Nuggets for dogs. This raw wild venison dog food is a great way to introduce a nutrient rich and delicious meat into your dog’s diet. Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80/20 Venison Nuggets for dogs contain a single, novel protein, and are enriched with our special blend of superfoods, including blueberries, which are a fantastic source of antioxidants and vitamins C & K.

All the Natures Menu ranges are made in Norfolk with high-quality ingredients that you can see and understand, so by choosing Wild Venison dog food in this handy nugget format, you know you’re feeding them high quality food. Our recipes, crafted by our experts, are complete and balanced, and made to FEDIAF guidelines. This wild venison dog food is a no-grain recipe and may contain small pieces of bone (4g per 100g). It’s suitable for all adult dogs.

Feeding our venison nuggets for dogs is simple and mess free, you simply pour out the number of nuggets your dog needs, set them aside to thaw in their bowl and serve. We steer clear of artificial preservatives and colourings, so you find there are some minor discrepancies in terms of colour and appearance between batches. There’s no cause for concern, it’s only natural.

Natures Menu Raw 80% Wild Venison 1kg

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