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Cow ears are an excellent treat choice for all dogs, providing a natural source of protein, essential for a balanced diet. With only 3% fat, they are an ideal option for dogs on a low-fat diet or with pancreatitis. They also make a great alternative to pig ears due to their lower fat content. In addition to being a tasty snack, cow ears serve as a fantastic dental aid, helping to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. Indulge your furry friend with these delicious and nutritious cow ears from our pet store.

100% beef.

Cow Ear

  • These treats are a natural product and may vary in size, shape and colour depending on where they were sourced.

    Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old. Should be given as a treat or reward and should be fed responsibly as part of nutritionally balanced diet. We strongly recommend that all pets are supervised with any treat and that fresh drinking water should be readily available to them at all times.

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