Farm Food HE Sheep


Composition: Released corn, hemoglobin powder, released wheat, released rice, mutton meat meal (11%), beef fat, whey powder, brewer’s yeast, vegetable fibers, cold pressed sunflower oil, minerals, lecithin, cold pressed linseed oil, inulin, vitamins and trace elements.


Digestibility: 84%, Protein/Energy ratio: 23,16%, Energy: 4145 Kcal/kg / 17,35 Mj/kg.


The sheep fat contained in Sheep meat meal clearly has a positive effect on the health of the skin, and ensures a nice-looking coat. The cold-pressed linseed oil and other oils (such as cold-pressed sunflower oil) in the Classic variety and the salmon oil in the Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil and Farm Food HE Gluten Free have similar effects. If a dog’s skin and coat are not in perfect health on one variety, it is certainly worth it to try and switch to one of the other three varieties. However, it will take some time for improvement to show.

Farm Food HE Cold Pressed Dog Food Sheep