Farm Food HE Scottish Salmon Oil
Composition: released corn, hemoglobin powder, released wheat, released rice, meat meal, beef fat, whey powder, brewer’s yeast, vegetable fibers, cold pressed sunflower oil, minerals, lecithin, 1% Scottish salmon oil, inulin, vitamins and trace elements.

Digestibility: 87%, Protein/Energy ratio: 23,16%, Energy: 4145 Kcal/kg / 17,35 Mj/kg


While testing it has been shown that a part of the dogs has even more profit from Farm Food HE when the, until now used, linseed oil is replaced by Scottish Salmon oil. Another part of the dogs, however, seems to have more benefit from the current composition with linseed oil.

For this reason we have decided to offer Farm Food HE, together with our current, trusted composition with linseed oil (indicated as Classic), with Scottish Salmon oil (indicated as Scottish Salmon oil).

Farm Food HE Cold Pressed Scottish Salmon Dog Food