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Palatability - Gelert Country Choice Tripe Mix is excellent for working dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Gelert CC has found great flavour amongst finicky eaters and those dogs with sensitive stomachs love the taste. Puppies and young dogs will grow up strong and healhy.


Digestibility - No cereals or fillers are added, just fresh tripe and meats.

No Artificial Added - No artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings are added to any Gelert Country Choice canned diets.


Natural "Green Tripe" - Our "Original Formula" is made from pure green beef tripe. Green simply means the tripe is pure and unbleached. Beef tripe contains all the partially digested grasses in a cow's stomach and is rich in digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, taurine, amino acids and essential fatty acids and many other nutrients important to your dog's health. In Green tripe, all of these nutrients occur naturally, making them more valuable to your dog than they would be if they were from extracted sources.

Gelert Country Choice Working & Sporting Tripe 12 x 400g

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