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Beef 100%


Choose our whole beef chunks for dogs for an immensely satisfying bone free meat treat– perfect for dogs that like to chew. Real meat chews, chunks and bones are great for a good mouth work out.

Raw beef chunks for dogs are a treat, not a complete meal. We make our treats range with high quality ingredients you can see and understand. Mess-free natural raw treats. Perfect for putting your own spin on treat time or dinnertime!

This product is a bone-free chew, suitable from 12 weeks old. This product is only suitable for dogs that have been 100% raw fed for a minimum of 4 weeks. This information is meant for guidance only. Please treat the animal as an individual and always supervise closely with raw treats. Owners feed bones and chews at their own discretion and care should be taken to ensure the animal is capable of consuming bones and chews safely. Always feed bones and chews raw, never cooked.

Natures Menu Raw Beef Chunks 1kg

100 Grams
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