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White Paper Flakes - White absorbent paper flakes produced from waste food grade papers enable Norfolk Industries to recycle on a grand scale. This product is our most popular with customers, supermarkets and wholesalers alike.Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice and rats, you will find this material is also allergy free. Pets with an aversion to materials such as straw and hay are ideally suited to this material.


Recycled Newspaper - Norfolk Industries is fortunate to have a secure long term supply of 100% recycled newspaper material. This is provided to us on large reels which is then ‘Strip Shredded’ to provide a narrow cut.This material is biodegradable and digestible and so is also good for pets with allergies to hay and straw. In white so there is no colour run or print to leach off the material if it gets wet.Creating a nesting material which is quite suited to gerbils, rats and mice, this product is also suitable for any small animals.This product is also friendly to the environment because it is 100% recycled material.


White Cotton Fluff - A cosy and very safe nesting material which is NOT viscose fibre.White cotton was introduced to our product lines nearly 6 years ago and has proven to be a very suitable bedding material for small animals. Over this time we have never had any complaints about this material. This is a waste material produced within the UK and is readily available. It also continues to contribute to our recycling aims as a business.The cotton is safe, soft and absorbent and, as mentioned above, it also comprises of very short fibres making it more suitable for hamsters and all other small animals. Due to the short fibre length there is no risk of entanglement.


Bedding is supplied in recycled brown paper bags.

Norfolk Industries Small Animal Bedding

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