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Our Chicken Cold Pressed Working Dog Food is made in the UK with Sweet Potato & Peas, is VAT free and offers much higher levels of nutrition and digestibility compared to the existing Wilsons Working Dog Food range.

Designed specifically with the working dog in mind:

    • Contains a higher protein content for extra energy
    • Includes all the vitamins and minerals any active working dog needs to maintain health and vitality
    • Supports the immune system
    • Aids digestibility
    • Grain and gluten free

By gently pressing at a low temperature, Cold Pressed dog food is able to retain its essential nutrients and also prevents bloating as it breaks down quicker than normal kibble. Not only this but our recipes use only quality ingredients which can help improve your dog's skin, coat and immune system

It is important not to over feed, as Cold Pressed is nutritionally dense you will only need to feed around 30% less than normal kibble. When introducing Wilsons for the first time, ensure you gradually switch over from your previous dog food. Read our feeding guide below for more information.

Remember to provide a ready source of water and store in a cool, dry area.


Dried Ground Chicken (28%), Sweet Potato, Peas, Tapioca, Chicken Oil, Beet Pulp, Dried Ground Chicken Liver, Carnitine, Amino Acids (DL Methionine, Tryptophane), Pre-Biotic (Mannan-oligosaccharides), Yucca Schidigera, Chicory, Inulin, Cranberry, Dandelion Root, Marigold Yellow, Lutein, Natural Antioxidants and Tocopherol, Ginger, Turmeric, Thyme, Vitamins and Minerals.

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin A 19756 IU, Vitamin D3 3286 IU, Vitamin E 365mg, Vitamin B12 0.1 mg, Vitamin B2 18 mg, Vitamin K 0.2 mg, Thiamin B1 17mg, Pyridoxine B6 12 mg, Panthotenic acid, B5 37 mg, Niacin B3 70 mg, Biotin B7 0.45 mg, Folacin B9 2.68 mg, Choline 2428 mg, Vitamin C 54 mg. Trace Elements: Zinc (Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 136 mg, Copper (Cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 17 mg, Cobalt 1.3 mg, Iron (Ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 136 mg, Manganese (Manganous sulphate monohydrate) 23 mg, Iodine (Calcium iodate anhydrous) 2 mg, Selenium (Sodium selenite) 0.32 mg.

Nutritional Values

26% Crude Protein, 12% Crude Fat, 3.5% Crude Fibre and 6% Crude Ash

Wilsons Chicken & Sweet Potato Cold Pressed Working Dog Food 15kg

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