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Nail Trims

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

We normally offer a walk in service. However at the moment its not practical. Heres why.......

1. Social distancing. If we need you or another team member to hold the dog we cannot physically maintain a 2m distance and trim the nails.

2. Hygiene. We have been advised by industry bodies to immediatly bath all dogs that enter the salon. This is to wash off any trace of Covid on the dogs coat before handling the dog.

3. Time. It would normally take 2 or 3 minutes to do a nail trim. At the moment we are fully booked back to back until July for grooming. We are only allowing 1 customer in the shop and have organised our diary in such a way to avoid clashes of customers. With the extra work involved we just dont have time at the moment to risk running behind through the day. A 2 minute job could easily become a 30 minute job.

4. Cost. We normally charge £6.50 for a nail trim. If we were to offer them on an appointment only basis and included the cost of the time taken to quickly bath or wipe down the dog and disinfect the salon/tools afterwards we would need minimum 30-45 minutes set aside for a nail trim so the cost would be £20 bare minimum for a toy or small breed. More for larger dogs.

As we gain more control of the virus and learn more about transmission and how to stay safe in the workplace I am sure in time we will be able to offer nail trims as a stand alone service again.

If your dogs nails have become a welfare issue please speak to your vet. All vets are open.

Thank you.

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