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Price Changes

Like most industries the pet sector has not been able to avoid supplier price increases.

Normally our suppliers would have 1 increase a year in either January or April. Over the last 6 months some of our suppliers have had to adjust prices 3 or more times.

As a business this creates extra work, which is time consuming and just as one price increase is completed another drops into the inbox.

Some customers seem to think this is "fake news" and have challenged the price increases that we have been forced to pass on.

I wanted to publish how much profit we make on some popular items so consumers realise we are really working with tight and ever decreasing margins.

Here are some examples of profit after VAT.

1KG of raw dog food. RRP £3.10.

Profit 93p

2KG bag of kibble. RRP £13.99.

Profit £2.22

12KG bag of kibble. RRP £49.99.

Profit £7.42

Yak bar dog treat. RRP £5.25.

Profit £1.75

10L Cat Litter. RRP £5.99

Profit £1.60

1KG budgie seed. RRP £2.29

Profit 63p

We may not be able to offer the discounted prices that national discount chain stores offer, but we can offer excellent advice and assistance and a range of products exclusive to the independent trade.

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