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Stock Availability

💚Several of our suppliers are experiencing issues with stock availability at the moment, this is not just manufactured items such as collars, leads, toys, beds but also raw ingredients required for food processing💚.

Due to the ever changing stock situation it is impossible to monitor availability on all the products listed on our website. Where we are made aware of significant supply issues we will either remove and item from sale or mark as out of stock. However with over 3000 products listed it is impossible to stock check availability on every item every day.

The key issues for stock shortages are as below -

UK ports are so congested that vessels in transit are being diverted away from the UK to other ports. This congestion has been caused by increased arrivals for Christmas and Brexit, a shortage of staff and in some cases by huge amounts of COVID PPE being left at ports for weeks on end.

Some shipping lines are no longer taking any bookings for cargo from Asia to the UK or other European ports and do not expect to do so until February.

There is a severe shortage of empty shipping containers in exporting countries.

There is a shortage of capacity on container vessels too, resulting in cargo being moved from one vessel to another and in sailings being delayed.

Freight rates have trebled or quadrupled, but even paying these extortionate prices has not resulted in shipments being made.

There is a shortage of drivers willing to drive to the UK from Europe.

There is a shortage of UK transport due to the issues at ports and an increase in online shopping.

I am sure you can appreciate this is very frustrating for us as a stockist, we have never experienced shortages like this in 7 years of trading. We are checking each order carefully and if a customer orders items that we cannot expect to dispatch within a minimum of 5 working days we will cancel the order and process a refund for the out of stock items.

We will keep customers updated on a regular basis regarding availability.

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