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Chicken 50%

Salmon 30%

Rasberry 4%

Swede 4%

Carrot 4%

Peas 3%

Spinach 1%


Pea Fibre, Minerals, Yeast Products (as a source of prebiotic MOS and beta glucans) (0.016%), Yucca, Green Tea


Why opt for chicken or salmon when there’s the option of both! Our raw chicken salmon dog food is the perfect combination. Our Natures Menu Complete & Balanced 80/20 dog food in raw nugget form is an ideal choice for those looking to make the switch to raw. The format is so convenient, all you have to do is pour out the number of nuggets required, thaw and serve to your dog. Chicken is always a popular choice, and salmon is a great natural source of omega fatty acids that’s simply delicious. Our chicken salmon dog food is blended with an enticing mix of wholesome and nutritiousfruits and vegetables.

These chicken salmon dog food nuggets are made using a no grain recipe and help to support healthy digestion and beautiful shiny coats - who wouldn't want that for their best friend? From our home in Norfolk these delicious recipes are crafted by our in-house experts. Plus we're very proud of the ingredients that we use, ingredients you can see, understand and trust. These salmon and chicken nuggets may include some small bone pieces (we estimate a maximum of 4g in every 100g) and are suitable for all adult dogs.

We don't include any artificial preservatives, colours and flavours - no nasties, no nonsense! And this recipe is made to FEDIAF guidelines, giving you peace of mind you're feeding a complete & balanced meal every time with recipes that are crafted by our in-house experts. Sometimes, there’s some variation in colour and appearance between batches. It’s only natural!

Natures Menu Raw 80% Sustainably Sourced Salmon & Chicken 1kg

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