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The 850g bag of Ingleby Pet Supplies Cockatiel & Parakeet Mix is perfect for providing all the essential nutrients and variety that your feathered friends need for a happy and active life. The combination of seeds includes a mix of millets, canary seed, and oats to keep your birds entertained and satisfied while also promoting natural foraging behavior. This complementary feed is suitable for all adult cockatiels and parakeets and can be used as part of a balanced diet alongside fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats. With its high-quality ingredients and carefully selected mix, this product is sure to keep your birds healthy and nourished. Add some variety to your bird's diet with Ingleby Pet Supplies Cockatiel & Parakeet Mix.

Ingleby Pet Supplies Cockatiel & Parakeet Mix 850g

  • Ingredients

    Yellow Millet, Sunflower Seed, Wheat, Canary Seed, Red Millet, Safflorseed, Oats, Hempseed, Linseed and Buckwheat

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