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Give your furry friend the nutrition they need with Natural Instinct Puppy Chicken & Tripe. This raw food is specifically designed for puppies who are over 8 weeks old, providing them with the essential nutrients for their growth and development. With a combination of 15% beef green tripe, 5% beef heart, 5% beef liver, 55% chicken, and 5% chicken heart, this food is packed with high-quality protein sources to support your puppy's muscle development. Additionally, the inclusion of apple, butternut squash, carrot, and kelp provides a source of essential vitamins and minerals for overall health. The addition of salmon oil and wheatgrass also provides a source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants for a healthy coat and immune system. Give your puppy the best start in life with Natural Instinct Puppy Chicken & Tripe.


Moisture 68.9%, Protein 12.6%, Fat 14.3%, Fibre 0.4%, Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.4%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic Matter 2.3%

Natural Instinct Puppy Chicken & Tripe

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100 Grams
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  • This product is frozen and is only available for local delivery or click & collect in store.

    Customer orders will normally be fulilled on a Thursday which is our normal replenishment day.

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