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Customer Update - Oct 2020

We would just like to reassure customers none of the recent changes regarding Covid-19 have impacted on our business, we have always been and remain to be a Covid Safe workplace and safe shopping environment. So just as a reminder here are our guidelines for a stress free shopping trip to Ingleby Pet Supplies.

  • Where possible only one member of the household should enter the shop.

  • We are limited to a maximum of 3 customers in the shop at any time.

  • Unless exempt all customers are required to wear a face cover. If you rely on lip reading please indicate to us and we will remove our masks.

  • We are NOT accepting cash. (This has been the case since March). Card or contactless payment only. We can accept contactless up to £45.00.

  • Please follow the one way system, this may seem silly in such a small shop but our aisles are less than 2m wide so it makes it difficult to pass other customers safely.

  • We have hand sanitiser at the door and ask that you only handle stock you intend to purchase.

  • Please do not remove your facemask to speak to staff or other customers, please do not touch staff and please do not touch other customers dogs without asking first.

  • Dogs are welcome however they must be kept on a short lead at all times. Staff are discouraged from touching animals from multiple households so please do not be offended if we do not pet your dog.

  • Extra cleaning is carried out throughout the day on all touchpoints. The front door remains open at all times* to allow for ventilation of the shop. Deep cleans are carried out at the end of each day in the shop and grooming salon.

  • If you are isolating or quarantined after travelling please let us know and we can arrange delivery of your pet food .

Thank you.

*we may occasionally lock the door to pop to the post office, get dinner or go to the loo!

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