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Eden Semi Moist - Availability

A message from Eden -

I want to thank you for choosing to support Eden Holistic Pet Foods, this year we’re going to be celebrating our tenth year! It’s such an achievement to see how the business has grown over the years, which would not have been possible without the support of you, our traders.

Throughout the years, Eden’s product range and community has been growing year on year. We all had our challenges through the Covid Pandemic, with the supply of raw materials being allocated to restaurant food chains leading to continued price increases, stock shortages, and transport woes.

It’s with regret I must come to you with a product update. We are experiencing interruptions regarding our Succulent Semi-Moist range, expecting to start seeing outages of this range within the next few weeks, the following lines will now be subject to availability in all bag sizes:

  • Duck & Tripe

  • Wild Boar & Pheasant

  • Country Feast

Supply bottlenecks

Due to the uniqueness of our recipe for our Succulent Semi-Moist range, our current manufacturer is struggling to continue producing this unique kibble, forcing us to secure new manufacturers. We have been hit with delays in production and obtaining our novel raw materials. The new manufacturer will deliver our first test batch of Duck & Tripe and Country Feast this week (W/C 16/05/22). This first batch will be going to our independent testing facility, with results being delivered within a few weeks. We’ll place the official first batch orders from there, and we hope to get the supply back to you and your Eden customers as soon as possible.

Our use of novel proteins means that souring materials can be complex. We are experiencing a delay in sourcing the raw material for Wild Boar and Pheasant at this stage, resulting in this product potentially being out of stock for a longer period of time. We are now down to our last stock levels of this recipe until further notice

We will keep you updated every step of the way.

We are currently out of stock of all 2kgs in all of our Succulent Semi-Moist recipes and our current view is that we have roughly two months’ supply of the other bag sizes. We know demand will be high for this range, and we are doing everything we can to secure the new stock. This does mean we are likely to see some crossover resulting in stock outages across the entire Succulent Semi-Moist, and we expect there to be some time before we see the new Semi-Moist make its way onto the market.

We want to help your Semi-Moist customers to continue feeding high-quality food and can assist you with product information and recommendations on our other ranges. We will be sending out additional samples of The Cuisine Range upon request to help your customers trial the food.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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