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Grooming Customer Update - Oct 2020.

We have been following CFSG (Canine Feline Sector Group) Guidelines since May and not much has changed since then with regards to how we carry out our grooming appointments. So here's an update. Even if we move to Covid -19 Tier 3 it is unlikely that our grooming salon will have to close.

Contactless Handover - this system is still in place. Please remove your dogs collar and lead and fasten them to our slip lead on the hook by the salon door. Exit via the one way system, once you are out of sight your dog will be collected by the groomer and taken into the salon. Please maintain social distancing guidelines of 2m and do not approach our groomers or attempt to touch them. (As Covid-19 can survive on plastics for up to 6 days this includes the clips and fasteners on your dogs accessories).

We ask that only one member of your household attends to drop off or pick up your dog. Face masks are required.

Time Keeping - our diary has been changed to allow us to stagger appointments for social distancing in store. Please arrive on time to drop your dog off. If you are early you may be asked to wait outside. If you are late for drop off by more than 15 minutes your appointment will be cancelled and classed as a no show. When you return to collect your dog if they are not ready you may be asked to wait outside. If you are late you may be charged a late pick up fee.

Brushing - your dog will be put straight in the bath, this is to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 on your dogs fur. Please ensure they are brushed regularly and especially prior to the appointment.

Dogs from infected or isolating households - we are unable to groom dogs from infected or isolating households.

Hygiene - we have taken the pandemic very seriously, rest assured we operate in a Covid safe environment. We clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment between dogs, staff wear facemasks at all times and social distance from each other

(yes we really do!) and a deep clean is carried out at the end of each day. We encourage customers to use the hand sanitiser at the front door. Our staff have split into 2 work bubbles to reduce social contact between staff.

Customers are invited to scan the QR code on the shop counter for the NHS Track & Trace app.

If guidelines do change customers will be informed as and when required.

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