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Harry's Grain Free Working Dog Food

Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning our stock of 15kg bags of Harry’s Grain Free held in store to the regular 12kg bag size.

Unfortunately DPD have changed their rules regarding shipping weights and where we could previously get 2 x 15kg bags per box on our order (30kg), they have changed the max box weight to 27kg and increased the price per box.

This means our shipping costs for our own brand foods have increased considerably and unless we make this change we will no longer be able to afford to offer the Loyalty Scheme Free Bags as all our profit is tied up in delivery charges.

By changing our stock to the 12kg bags we can maximise on space in the box as they will carry 2 x 12kg bags (24kg).

Your existing 15kg Loyalty Card will still be valid for the 12kg bags.

15kg Bags will still be available to order via our website

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