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Stock Update - Acana, Carnilove & Orijen supply delays.

A message from the UK distributor.

I am writing to you to apologise for protracted delays and picking errors that you are currently suffering when ordering stock from us.

We moved warehouse during July and, whilst that move went relatively smoothly, we are still suffering with significant delays from the time that orders are placed with us to getting them shipped from the warehouse. We have been working hard with our new warehouse partner over the last few weeks to improve our level of service, but unfortunately it takes time to turn things around. Some of the problems that we have been facing are:

  1. Training a new workforce to become familiar with our products and ways of working

  2. During the last 4 weeks the workforce in the warehouse has been depleted by up to 50% due to requirements for staff to self-isolate after being pinged by the NHS Covid app

  3. We like many other businesses in the UK are suffering due to the shortage of HGV delivery drivers

  4. We also have staff shortages in our own offices due to a member of staff testing positive for Covid and others having to self-isolate

Whilst I can’t promise an immediate return to normal service levels of Day 1 for Day 3 delivery for Yodel orders, we are beginning to see signs of a service improvement. During the last week our order backlog has reduced by 20%. Our team are working extended hours to reduce this further over the coming days, as well as reducing the incidence of errors.

Lastly I would like to thank our office administration team who are currently having to field a high number of calls, due to the current backlog; please bear with them, as the problem is not of their making.

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