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Welfare Grooms - Priority Waiting List

On Tuesday 12th January DEFRA strengthened their guidelines on what groomers can and cannot do during the January Lockdown.

This guidance states the following:

  • Groomers may accept a dog to be groomed by appointment where this is necessary for the animal’s welfare and not simply for aesthetic reasons.

  • Welfare reasons could include, on veterinary advice for a skin condition or excessive matting causing the pet discomfort.

  • When routine grooming can be delayed without affecting the pet’s welfare until the national lockdown is eased it should be put off.

We have had lots of requests from customers to groom their dogs for WELFARE reasons. To gauge the demand we are opening up a PRIORITY waiting list for EXISTING customers who would like their dogs to be considered for a welfare groom in the coming weeks. We need to retain an audit trail including photographic evidence showing why we deemed the groom essential incase we are challenged by Trading Standards, Stockton Council or the Police. (Yes it is happening!!). If you would like your dog to be considered for a welfare groom :-

  • You must be an existing customer and your dog must have been groomed with us in 2020.

  • Your dog must be already overdue on its routine grooming schedule.

  • Your dog must be already matted, in one or more areas of the body, severe matting on the ears, legs & tail will be considered as this can restrict blood flow.

  • Your dog must have a pre-existing skin condition and have a prescription shampoo supplied by your vet.

  • Your dog must have overgrown or ingrown nails making it difficult to walk or causing pain digging in the pad.

  • We will also accept requests from elderly or disabled owners with high maintenance breeds who are physically unable to groom their own dogs.

Please send a photo/s of your dog showing the problem area/areas or describing the problem to our email address or via our Facebook Page. Please include your contact number and the name of the owner that the dog is normally booked in under. Note if your appointment has been cancelled while we have been closed your dog is already on the list to be booked in when we re-open. This priority list is for dogs that are in urgent need of grooming. Dogs accepted for welfare grooms will be shaved down into a short practical style. No aesthetic grooms will be considered. Spa treatments are not currently available.

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