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What is Freshtrusion?

You may see us refer to a technique called Freshtrusion when describing some of our own label pet foods.

The Freshtrusion journey begins with our trusted farms and fisheries, where our supplier collects only the finest fresh meats and fish, providing us with fantastic stories of provenance and traceability.

Using their own refrigerated transport to maintain the highest quality conditions, they collect the meats and bring them back to the production site in Lancashire, England, where they undergo extensive quality testing before being used in our unique recipes.

In the on-site meat kitchen, each meat is cooked at circa 82ºC (180ºF) to protect the proteins and ensure maximum digestibility and nutritional value to the pet. .

During production the manufacturer presses our own oils on-site in small batches using dedicated equipment that operates similar to a kitchen salad spinner where the oil is squeezed away from the meat.

This allows them to coat the kibbles with amazing high-quality fats and oils, seen normally in human foods, and gives us the full traceability back to the source, from the farm, fishery or boat. These oils are not your usual high temperature rendered ‘pet food grade’ oils. They are so fresh the laboratory testing finds little to no signs of oxidisation or ageing.

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