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Which breed is right for me?

When choosing the perfect four pawed companion it is important to research the breed. A good starting point is :

🐾 Size & weight. Choosing a breed that is too big to manage is a common mistake. Research what the expected adult weight is and make sure the dog you plan to buy is not too big (or too small) for your household.

🐾 Average lifespan is important too. Large breed dogs tend to have shorter lifespans than small breed dogs. Its is quite possible that you dog will live into its late teens or early 20's!

🐾 Energy!! If you live an active lifestyle then a high energy breed like a spaniel or collie might make a great running or hiking companion. If you tend to lead a quieter lifestyle a low energy breed may be a better choice. Remember ALL dogs need exercise to stay healthy and for mental stimulation

🐾 Personality. While each dog has its own personality, many breeds have specific traits to look out for such as separation anxiety, resource guarding or aggression. We will touch on this more in a future post.

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