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Equiglo 10 Minute Beet is a highly palatable and versatile feed for all horses and ponies.


Rich in calcium, and ideal balancer for straight cereals & bran while the natural probiotic fibre boosts the beneficial guy microbes and helps to maintain good stomach and digestive tract health.


How to prepare:
Mix 1 part 10 Minute Beet with 5 parts cold water by weight e.g. 200g of 10 Minute Beet would require 1 litre of water. Allow the flakes to soak for 10 minutes. Soaked Flakes can be fed immediately or stored (in a cool place) for convenience for the next feed, for up to 24 hours. Only make up enough 10 Minute Beet for the next feed.
Using hot water will reduce soaking time to 5 minutes. WARNING: DO NOT FEED DRY

Equiglo 10 Minute Beet 18kg

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